Sunday, January 13, 2008

Free Riding In Action

by Tom Bozzo

Having opened and done nothing with the Wordpress shadow of Marginal Utility, I'm crashing the sociology party at Scatterplot with their nicely tweaked template to express annoyance at a misuse of Econ 101 reasoning: the Reverse Mary Poppins incentive plan.

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And, of course, Scatterplot requires one to be logged in to comment—an incentive in its own right, though perhaps not what they intend.
Jeremy has had issues with anonymous commenters we could only dream of. AFAIK, the tradeoff you're referring to is understood over there.
Well, we could invite those issues.

If we were listed by Aaron Schiff, we would be 95th, tied with Aplia, per the current Technorati rankings.
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