Monday, August 03, 2009


by Tom Bozzo

We'll be moving the show over to the long-neglected WordPress version of Marginal Utility. For those of you still checking in, please point your links to New Marginal Utility a/k/a To keep the forces of link-rot at bay, the archives here will remain.


Great Minds Think Alike

by Ken Houghton

And I guess that applies to James Wolcott and I as well.

Have Sarah Palin and George Jones ever been seen in the same place? And, collaterally, if 90% of life (or thereabouts) really is Just Showing Up, what does this say about the GOP vetting process?? (h/t Wonkette; headline NSFChildren). Or, as a certain NRO columnist would say:

For the rest of us, Ol' Possum got it closer with this one:

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