Monday, December 20, 2004

He's Just Not That Into You

by Tom Bozzo

Pssst! Having jilted JFW at least for December, JF is blogging a little at Pub Sociology, where Brayden King has been also been operating (advertised) instead of his eponymous blog.

Over there, Brayden "reveals" that the ASA (*) meeting is stalking the ASSA (**) meeting: Philadelphia Marriott for both. Thanks to academic calendar issues, neither meeting is in a decent mid-Atlantic time of the year.

"Our" theme, "Expanding the Frontiers of Economics," is a bit more agressive, though. Look out, other social sciences!

Then again, the ASAs are in San Francisco in '07, the ASSAs don't go back there until '09. The '07 ASSAs are in Chicago. In January. Stupid economists...


(*) American Sociological Association.

(**) Allied Social Science Associations, which is to say mainly the American Economic Association.
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