Friday, January 21, 2005

Judge Posner's Promotion Possibilities Frontier

by Tom Bozzo

At Stone Court, Fred Vincy does some blogs-I-don't-like reading for me, and finds Richard Posner getting off message on tort reform at the Becker-Posner Blog (which I don't dislike too much to link). "There Goes That Supreme Court Nomination" is the punch line. In typical blog fashion, it is also the headline.

Stone Court also links a pair of 2003 Jack Balkin posts, notably this one, that make a reasonably convincing case for Judge Posner as the conservative candidate for CJOTUS Bush should nominate but won't.

While "too old" — Posner turns 66 this year — would be part of the problem given modern Supreme Court nominee selection strategy, "too secular" is, sadly, just as strong of a there-goes-the-nomination reason with a blog link to go with it.

"God doesn't exist for me," Posner wrote during his holiday guest blogging stint at Leiter Reports, "...I think that whether or not God is dead for one depends on upbringing and temperament, but not on arguments."

True, but that sort of attitude will not play with The Base.
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