Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Blogger Dinner To-Night

by Tom Bozzo

This time, B hosts. Expected attendees include A, C, F, newbie "M," and no-longer-newbie me. Expect photos and perhaps some live-blogging this evening.

Update 7:08 P.M.:
No live-blogging here, check the other linked sites, though. Pictures and a wrap-up later.

Update 8:51 P.M.: Blogger dinner is experiencing a simulblogging crisis. A is trying to figure out what to post for her guest stint at MSNBC. We've been trying to convince her to blog about the prospective UW study of the effects of tasers on drugged pigs, but it's unclear whether we can convince her to do so. "M" is resisting simulblogging, and is instead filling in F on chess babes. I've been handed the C laptop to break my non-simulblogging vow, but I don't have the cable to offload the pictures from my camera, so that will still have to wait for later. B has closed her PowerBook and is setting up a karaoke device. "M" and I are plotting to achieve mammalian status in the TTLB Ecosystem by continual reciprocal linking. (There would be worse ways.)

Update 9:02 P.M.:
Wait -- A and C have just used profanity!! B is singing!!! Simulblogging suspended until further notice...
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