Sunday, February 13, 2005

Cooperative Meta-Advertising

by Tom Bozzo

In today's New York Times national edition, the back page of Sunday Styles (or "Women's Sports," as a friend from back East dubbed it) is occupied by a full-page color ad. Is it an ad for a Revlon product or products? Not exactly. Is it an ad for Desperate Housewives? Not exactly. I had to look at the ad carefully to determine that none of the Housewives were, in fact, depicted therein.

It is, instead, an ad for a Revlon ad campaign to debut during tonight's Desperate Housewives. Go figure what this says about the relative prices of ads in the Sunday Times and on network TV.

(Hat tip: Suzanne, who's slighly horrified that I didn't immediately recognize Julianne Moore and Susan Sarandon; in my defense, both of them were very heavily made-up.)

Addendum, 8:16 P.M. CST: Suzanne says, "I have lost a lot of respect for Susan Sarandon."
I admit having actually liked the ad--but I watched it on fast-forward (yes, primitive VCR technology) and without sound, which I suspect helps immensely.
We were just watching plain old real-time TV, and the "I love to apply makeup" theme of the ad didn't play well with either of us under those circumstances.
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