Saturday, February 05, 2005

Our Moderate Acquaintance

by Tom Bozzo

Yesterday in blog world ended up being "OMG I completely agree with Ann" day. And she was posting on topics of national politics, not Madison-related stuff where I am already used to agreeing with her.

Specifically, Althouse readers were treated to:
She wondered aloud whether left bloggers would give her credit for the Feingold and Social Security posts. A glance at her Technorati links indicated that I might be the first.

One other thing, Ann later suggested Condoleezza Rice as a Republican opponent for Feingold in '08. That wasn't the first Rice '08 post I've seen; Stephen Bainbridge is a Rice fan, too, for whatever reason, though he'd need her to take the anti-abortion pledge before he'd consider voting for her. That points to one big hurdle, as she'd have to get past a number of white guys with known conservative credentials.

Feingold '08 might be a long shot as long as Hillary Clinton has presidential aspirations, but is a good enough idea that it just might work. In thinking of Rice '08 as a much longer shot, I may well be underestimating the state of Republican foreign policy delusion — Bainbridge, after all, thinks that the problem in the Boxer-Rice confirmation exchange was Sen. Boxer's politeness rather than Dr. Rice's credibility — but I'll still go out on a limb and put some money on the 2008 Republican nominee being someone else. A blogger dinner at Charlie Trotter's, on my dime, perhaps? Someone want to take the other side of that?
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