Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Is This Short Enough?

by Tom Bozzo

Yesterday, Suzanne asked me what the best blog post of the day was.

As a digressive introduction, I'll note Ann Althouse correctly interpreted a rambling non-response on Meet the Press by Sen. Mitch McConnell to a straight question about how privatization would solve the Social Security funding shortfall (it wouldn't). Ann hates long non-responsive answers to simple questions. Fair enough.

Ann is also, to her credit, unimpressed by a Donald Luskin post to the Club for Growth's privatization blog — it is as bad as it sounds, liberal readers — to which an Althouse reader pointed her. This is as it should be.

I've taken to linking this James Wolcott post whenever Luskin comes up. As I imagine most visitors woefully fail to catch on to the hypertext (if not actually the text) of this blog, I'll add here that if Luskin isn't actually the stupidest economist on the planet — variations on the proposition have adherents much more highly placed in the profession than me — he's far into the outer tail of the distribution.


On that note, here is what I considered to be yesterday's best blog post. Answering the question of why the left economics blogosphere and certain prominent Democrats have had it with Alan Greenspan, Atrios (summarizing a Ron Brownstein column at Eschaton):
Greenspan supported 11 trillion in tax cuts and then woke up and discovered the baby boomers would retire and cost $3.5 trillion -- and the retiring boomers are the fiscal problem.
I think you guys brought down the TTLB ecosystem with your link project. TTLB hasn't worked for me for like three days now :).
It looks like the link counts and rankings are being updated, though that's arguably the ecosystem's least useful feature. I actually haven't even gotten around to this one torture test of the ecosystem's programming, so I assume that the downtime is just related to their separately planned status page debugging... ;)
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