Saturday, April 09, 2005

Random Ten: At Least I Got the Track Listing on Friday Edition

by Tom Bozzo

Fire up your hardware or software MP3 player, set to shuffle, and report the first ten tracks.

Front 242Quite UnusualOfficial Version
The Mighty Lemon DropsTurn Me RoundHappy Head & Out of Hand
Cocteau Twins
Ella Megalast Burls ForeverBlue Bell Knoll
AdorableSunshine Smile
CD single
Dif JuzSilver PassageExtractions
ColourboxLooks Like We're Shy One Horse/ShootoutColourbox (MAD 315 CD)
BellyThe BeesKing
New OrderParadiseBrotherhood
SlowdiveSome Velvet Morning
The Durutti Column
FrancescaAnother Setting

The iPod serendipity fails a little for this playlist, mainly since I've started adding a bit of electronica to the music database. There's no way a human programmer would ever segue from Belgian syntho-industrialists Front 242 (note: Flash-heavy site) to C86'ers like The Mighty Lemon Drops. In the old days, I'd probably have buffered Front 242 from the rest with the reggae-ish track from Colourbox, and used the metalloid Adorable to lead into the Lemon Drops from there. The rest would almost work as is.

(Edited for increased linkiness.)
You are way too hip for me. I've only heard of Belly from your entire list, and I'm probably thinking of someone else anyway.
Bryan: Both Belly and New Order would have seen airplay both on college radio and commercial alternative stations, so you may well be thinking about the same Belly. Some of the other selections give away some combination of my advancing age and the amount of esoterica acquired in my mid-to-late '80s record collecting heyday; some of it would have been college radio fare in that time frame.

(New Order does have a new album out, though, which from the previews at the iTunes store sounds like one of their better recent efforts.)
Front 242 are Belgian? Some enterprising Classic Rock (pronounced "CRock") station should do Battles of the Countries, with Plastic Bertrand and them in one bracket. (Maybe using Benelux would allow another few brackets?)
Ken, I actually wasn't familiar with Plastic Bertrand -- that's a little before my time.

Doesn't the Eurovision Song Contest work somewhat like an international battle of the bands, its reputation for advancing crap music notwithstanding?
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