Friday, July 29, 2005

Toddler Caption Contest

by Tom Bozzo


2. This is also my entry for the Columnist Manifesto backyard adventure stories meme. (The porch is in what used to be the backyard.)

Toddler answers later.

Update: The toddler answers...

#1: "I drew the Blue's Clues video."

#2: "Zoo." This is the successor to "Farm," which was destroyed when a playgroup pal knocked it off the table.
Holy freakin linoleum, those are some cool Duplos you've got there. Must... go... to... Lego... Store...
I'm sorry to say that those animal heads come from a line of sets that I think are now discontinued. I got them at steep discounts from the online Lego store when John was *way* too young to appreciate them. Happily, an ability to build with the Duplos emerged along with his acquisition of jigsaw puzzle skills, and the creation is a joint venture.
You should get the boy some paper.
What's up with the drawing on the tables?
Anon.: Media for #1 is crayon on paper. We did learn the hard way that drawing time still needs to be supervised, but see also here.
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