Saturday, October 29, 2005

One DINO Soon To Be Extinct

by Tom Bozzo

St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly's campaign office turned out to be next door to the model railroad museum. During the '04 campaign, Kelly took a page from his predecessor's playbook (or possibly consumed the same psychedelic substances in the St. Paul city hall water) and eagerly shilled for George W. Bush. The latest polling in the race (reported by Kos) suggests that an influx of Republican money on his behalf won't save Kelly from being ignominiously turfed by his constituents.

Q: Is not being a Big Loser a prerequisite for the turncoat phase of one's political career?

10 days before the election, a lonely place.

The tough life of a yard sign.

Representative St. Paul street scene: Challenger Chris Coleman is clearly winning the battle of the yards. See ya, Randy!
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