Sunday, November 20, 2005

John's $40 Haircut

by Tom Bozzo

In one of those signs that Our Boy Is Growing Up, yesterday's trip to the barber shop involved the least wailing and gnashing of teeth (not even to mention the toddler freakouts) since novelty value made John's first haircut a pleasant non-event. As those of you who visit regularly may have seen, he was getting pretty shaggy. He does seem to shed a year or two with trims, though.
(The stack of Duplos is John's; the copy of Walt Rostow's Theorists of Economic Growth from David Hume to the Present is mine.)

You may also have seen the post title and been thinking, did we take him to see John Kerry's stylist? No. The reported price includes the haircut, the tip (generous) for Pam the barber... and the bribe:
People looking for parenting advice note: Greasing the wheels from time to time is not beneath us.
Hee. Hey, if Gordon will get you a haircut, it's worth it.
Absolutely bribe! I do not understand why people are all haughty about bribing kids at the same time that they don't hesitate in slapping them. I'm all for positive reinforcement, before, during and after.

He looks adorable.
Well, exactly. I blame conservative backlash types for the particular idiocy of taking an all stick, no carrot approach to incentives.
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