Friday, December 16, 2005

The Rich Are Undertaxed, Part CXLVI

by Tom Bozzo

Is hymen reconstruction surgery "the ultimate gift for the man who has everything," as one Jeannette Yarborough — who'd spent $5,000 to give her husband an extra special surprise for their 17th anniversary — told the Wall Street Journal (via Battlepanda, Pandagon, and elsewhere)? Is it anything other than a Sign of the Impending Apocalypse (with extra hoofbeats!) that the answer isn't self-evidently "No"?

The post's title, an occasional refrain here at Marginal Utility, formed the nucleus of a comment at Battlepanda, where I first caught the item. Needless to say, a follow-up comment from one "Cornelius van Vorst" sought to put me in my place:
Yes. People who buy things you wouldn't should have the money taken away from them... What's the smiley for rolling your eyes?
Hummers are things that people buy that I wouldn't. Ice sculptures of David peeing vodka are, by the slenderest margin, things that people buy that I wouldn't.

Say, if you will, that it's the exception that proves the rule, but there's no way that the government couldn't make better use of $5,000 than someone who would use it to play pseudo-virgin for a day, even if it's just to stave off the unsustainability of the federal deficit by 0.75 second.
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