Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday Toddler Extra: Babyness Receding By The Minute

by Tom Bozzo

After some initial moves towards a more vertical lifestyle (previously blogged here), Julia pretty much played the good economist-baby and kept to fast and reliable crawling versus bipedal ambulation. I don't know if it was exposure to all of the cousins running around or what, but she's rediscovered standing and walking, and has improved radically just this week.

No parent is standing by this time.

Next stop, the Art Museum steps!
(From this angle, you can also see why the words most repeated by John at mealtimes are "Hi Miss Mess!")
Imagine. Next baby whose head you'll have to hold up in your house will be your grandchild's.

Life is so sweet when the person you love will smile and laugh just because you yourself are smiling at them.
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