Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Know Yr. Blogger

by Tom Bozzo

As part of a new "meet the neighbors" feature, I answered some questions posed by Jesse Russell over at In the event you're upset about not being mentioned, by name or otherwise, please write something about it and submit it for the Whining Carnival.

I thought it was cute that the profile includes my LEGO minifigure avatar, but if you think it's just weird, here's the real me, with the boy, waiting along State St. for the fire truck parade last fall.
Thanks, Sara!
I considered asking you for a picture, but I think using avatars is funnier.
Sweet! Thanks for the mention. Now if I could just actually finish my dissertation....
Brad Delong's blog was the first or one of the first blogs I started reading too.

I enjoyed reading your Q&A. I'm going to register on
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