Thursday, February 02, 2006

Enron Central

by Tom Bozzo

Especially since they've been kind enough to link here a couple times, it would be remiss of me not to note that if you really want to follow the Enron trial, the Houston Chronicle's Enron special report page is the place to go.
Thanks for the link.

I can't help but wonder how interested the mainstream media would be in this case if Delay was African American.
Ooops, I meant Ken Lay, of course.

A Freudian slip?

Then again, I guess the same could be said about Tom Delay.
Lay's defense seems to be trying to play on such sentiments as might remain from Lay's days as upright citizen, which strikes me as a long-shot for resonance with the jury pool -- but it worked for Richard Scrushy.

Maybe the difference with DeLay is that I don't think anyone had particular illusions regarding his uprightness, to whatever extent that might not have appeared to have reached the level of outright criminality.
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