Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Call For Whines

by Tom Bozzo

The Second Whining Carnival bandwagon is slowly picking up momentum, with submissions now in from five six seven! sources not even counting me. I am convinced that there are more fine whines out there, so leave a link in the comment or send an e-mail to atbozzo -at- gmail -dot- com for inclusion in the Carnival. If all goes well, it'll re-launch this coming week.

Note to del.icio.us users: Scrivener has helpfully set up a whining-carnival tag, addressing the problem that many non-Carnival posts are tagged with "whining." The e-mail and comment routes for entry are still open, of course.

Note, I have played with the posting time and date to keep this on top for a while.
Can you please explain the relationship, if any, between the Whining Carnival and Phantom Scribbler's Wednesday Whining contest?

I'm sure the answer is somewhere on your blogs, but I missed it. Before you get mad at me for not reading your blog, please be aware that I've applied for amnesty.
The relationship is:

1. Phantom Scribbler originated both, and hosted the debut Whining Carnival.

2. Wednesday Whining attracts comments to Phantom's blog. The Whining Carnival is meant to attract traffic to participants' under-recognized blogs (this is a feature of all Carnivals, in fact), via the links in the Carnival post.
I guess my SUV rental rant can be seen as whining. Bad form for me to complain considering they paid for it. I did have to pay for gas.

Oh dear. I am a whiner.

If you think so too, please submit it as an entry.


I'm reserving this word verification for Oscar's contest: llenjzgy. It's a good one.
Janelle, all whines are welcome -- the more the merrier!
I'll give it another shout-out this Monday, if that will help. We should start a "Whining_Carnival" del.icio.us tag...
Thanks, Phantom, that would be great. If there ends up being a third Carnival, we should probably set up a submission form at the carnival clearing house site.
Um should set up a whining tag at delicious?
Scrivener, you are a Really Useful blog pal.

One Q for the Carnival's proprietress is what's the protocol for whines not directly submitted -- e.g., the Anbruch posts tagged by Scrivener.
I never did get comfortable with that question, Tom. I ended up only using non-submitted posts if they said something like "I ought to submit this to Wednesday whining" -- it was the only way I felt sure that the authors wouldn't be offended to see their work described as whining.

Second point: the whining tag is too broadly used to be of use for you or any future carnival host, I think. If we're want to use a tag for people to nominate themselves or others, we'll need to be more specific.
Phantom, I noticed that broad usage of the whining tag as i posted that comment above. Who knew that people would use such a tag? We should use "whining-carnival." That can't be widely-used can it?
I just tried out that whining-carnival tag and it seems to work just fine.
A copy of my latest Wednesday Whine:

Small whines of no consequence (which makes them good whines, I guess):

It's raining. It's warm, but it's raining. Today is the school's half-day, so I have all three monsters stuck inside from lunchtime on. Except for when I drag the boys out for haircuts. In the rain.

#2-Son came up from the basement (which is finished and dry) last night for supper with a runny nose that was not apparent when he went down there. I'm hoping it was a predictor of today's rain and not the first sign of another cold to pass around the family, as it takes asthmatic Daughter three weeks and prescription drugs to get rid of the infections that a head cold leaves her open to. Gave #2 drugs at bedtime; he seemed enough better this morning that I did not administer more before school because they make him cranky. Hope he doesn't come home for lunch all stuffed up.

I received four phone calls this morning while I was trying to get dressed. One from Hubby, who needed his sister's new address b/c his security clearance is up for a 5-year-review; two from my best friend asking me to call people that she didn't have on her cell phone to tell them that a meeting tonight is being moved b/c she was manning her school's book fair, and one bleeper who hung up just as I picked up the phone because I took four rings to get dry enough not to drip across the carpet on my way to answer the phone. I hope it was a sales call.

Daughter is going through first-year-of-middle-school angst. Her grades stink b/c she won't remember to turn in her work, her body is switching to teenagerdom and she can't be bothered to take care of it like an adult has to, and she's constantly losing privledges b/c she either harasses her older brothers or doesn't do her assigned chores (very simple ones, like make the bed and put her PJs away, not the complicated stuff). She's a Youngest and I'm an Oldest, which means I was almost anal about the stuff she can't be bothered with, and Hubs, altho a Youngest, is 1) a guy and 2) so much like her that their personalities clash, so she's getting no support from him either. I'm torn between feeling sorry for her and wanting to kick her fanny several times a day.

The identity will take you to the blog for other goodies.
Whoops, no it won't. Blog is
Great! Thanks for the submission
After submitting my whine to Phantom's site she mentioned that we should submit to the whining carnival. I was confused at first, but I think I figured out the deal, sort of. My question is - how does a seasoned complainer like me pick just one? I have two I really love and then the one I submitted to Phantom yesterday (#3). I'll put the links here and let you decide:

1) i don't waaanna go to schoooool!
2)something i don't like
3) wanted: personal space

i never realized it until now, but i am such a whiner!
Thanks for the submissions, SP. Multiple entries are no problem -- I'll do my best to weave them all in.
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