Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lightning (not Tampa Bay) Strikes Twice in One Day

by Ken Houghton

First for her, Second for the Day

Chez moi, I noted that the Christian Coalition and Moby are both in agreement on Net Neutrality. (which is almost as strange as the Sensenbrenner/Conyers corroboration (h/t Atrios) of their (and this blog's, from what I've seen) position.

Clearly, either Mercury is in retrograde or Strange Bedfellows is the blogsphere Conceit of the Day: Shakespeare's Sister and George Will agree.

Well, not entirely:

Of course Will manages to get in a typical dig at liberals by saying we "value equality indiscriminately" (I'll leave you to parse out the humorous illogic in that one), but remains level-headed enough to acknowledge "they vote their values."

But it's Ginger Yellow in comments who nails the underlying data:
You'd think if it annoys him so much, as it should, he'd have said so right after the election when you couldn't move for values voter rhetoric.

How much mileage did the Amy Sullivans and other Dem-hating Democrats get out of the revelation that 22% of voters went for GWB in 2004--as opposed to, oh, the 22% who went for him in 2000? (To be clear, it was reported immediately after the election that GWB won because he received more votes from the $200K-plus-p.a. voters--or Citizens, as they were described on The Colbert Report last night. (The rest of us--Morlocks--got a sliver of the tax cut. Yes, Comedy Central, I would link to the video if you posted it.)

The key point, though, is that Will didn't write this in 2004 because his handlers--the cocktail-weenie set, as it were--didn't think that was the story. Apparently, they do now.

I've never felt better about 2006. If only my ancestral home state had nominated a Democrat for Senator, instead of a Famous Name.
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