Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Reasons to be Tearful, Part Three

by Ken Houghton

I had not thought about how horribly prophetic this post was going to be.

Thersites is a noble human being. Warning to those who would do similar to me: I am not.

UPDATE: Lindsay provides a graceful summary that complements the link Tom posted in comments. Interestingly, her links show which outgoing link is most popular: the top two are to the pudknocker who started the whole pissing match. (The third is to the correction to which he took umbrage, and the fourth is to the unmentionable comment.)

I hope he's happy with his fame, and wonder if he's figured out yet that he wet his pants.
Remarkably, [redacted] paste-eating blogger repeatedly misspelled the name of [redacted], NY, which will probably not do much to improve his reputation for paste-eating.

(While I can understand bloggers in such a position not policing every last comment -- though Some do -- I can't imagine the reaction to a complaint about particularly offensive comments not being prompt deletion of the comment and other remedial action as needed and techniclaly possible. Of course, some people are just jerks.)
N.B., reference as needed.
Thank you. Nothing quite that civilised was available last night (for obvious reasons).
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