Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This is a Test

by Tom Bozzo

As part of a continuing effort to join the modern Internets, I've implemented an expandable blog post feature using Julie Meloni's method. Thanks, JM! Some further appearance fine-tuning may be expected.

To some extent, I prefer having lengthy posts on the main page. After all, if you wanted brevity above all else, you could be reading this "Instapundit" guy. This place exists, in part, for Ph.D.-level wankery serious analysis. And cute kids and LEGO. Maybe some other stuff that I'm too tired to think about this morning.

So I don't know how much I'll use the feature yet, but my co-bloggers are "of course" their own people and are free to style their posts as they'd like. Follow the link to Julie's blog or inspect the HTML for this post to see how it all work, assuming it works.

While I'm being all meta, I should add that the co-bloggers have made the last few weeks the time of my blogging life. Thanks!

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FYI - I subscribe via RSS feed in mozilla & get the long post by default - no need to click the 'Read the rest' link. Is this the expected behavior? And am I a nerd or just a good friend for subscribing to your blog? ;-)
I read almost everything via RSS, including my co-bloggers. This does (and should) bypass the expandable post feature. Used judiciously, it can speed up main page loading for people who visit via conventional web-surfing.

As for the other question, I'd say you're a good friend, and we just happen to be nerds.

It kills me that can't be subscribed to via RSS feed. It's so old fashioned
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