Monday, July 17, 2006

What State has the Most Large Conservative Cities in the Top 25? Hint: It's BLUE

by Ken Houghton

Via Robert Farley at Lawyers, Guns, and Money (who was shooting a barrel-fish at the time) comes the study that should put an end to all the Red/Blue "Divide" bollocks.

Ranking America's Most Liberal and Conservative Cities, there isn't even a question as to the state that has the most Conservative cities in their Top 25 (min population 100,000): California has seven, with Texas second with four, while Florida and Arizona each has three.

On the Liberal side, California also leads with four, though that requires considering San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley as three different areas (which is true if one considers city limits, but the driving time between the three is often appreciably less than a trip from Yankee Stadium to Greenwich Village).

Of course, the part of the Liberal List that comes as a surprise only to the David Broders of the world: Connecticut's two largest cities--one of whose tax base has been destroyed by YOYO policies (Hartford)--rank 12th and 15th on the list. Good for Joe Lieberman he has solid credentials in that area, eh?
I was a bit surprised to see Buffalo on the list of liberal cities (albeit in 25th place). My perception of Central/Western New York is that it's pretty conservative, with the almost painfully glaring exception of Ithaca. But, I guess Buffalo is a large college town, and then there's the liberalizing effect of chicken wings.

OTOH, I was not at all surprised to see Anchorage, Alaska on the list of conservative cities. The Don Youngs, Frank/Lisa Murkowskis, and Ted Stevens of the world have to be getting votes from someone, and I don't remember them being all that popular in my home town of Fairbanks.
Well, the Sherwood Boehlerts don't strike me as the most red-blooded members of the Chamber of Peoples Deputies out there, though I expect they vote correctly when it matters.

Via family in the Syracuse and Utica areas, I've tended to see the area as more Reagan working class backlash conservative rather than waiting for the Rapture conservative. And I'm surprised to see that the Dems couldn't run a candidate in '04 in the district including Syracuse.
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