Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Well-Timed Taunt (Not)

by Tom Bozzo

Accompanying the list of today's releases at the DVD Journal:
You're not seriously sitting inside watching DVDs in the middle of summer, are you?
The weather observed at MADISON, WI (KMSN) at 09:53 AM CDT, Tuesday August 1, 2006 was:
The skies were mostly clear.
Temperature: 86F ( 30C) Dewpoint: 72F ( 22C) Relative Humidity: 63%
Winds from the SW (210 degs) at 12 mph.
Pressure: 1010.3 millibars. Altimeter:29.86 inches of mercury.
The prevailing visibility was 10 miles.
Why yes, I did ride my bike to work today. Having a shady route helped a lot yesterday, since with that dewpoint and 93-94F air temps, those southwest winds are less than refreshing (insert blowtorch/blast furnace analogy as you see fit).
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