Friday, September 08, 2006

I Get e-Mail

by Ken Houghton

Dear Ken,

Impeachment. Cutting and running from the War on Terror. Key defense systems dismantled. Tax cuts repealed. Speaker Pelosi.

Uh, what is, my wet dream for 2007, Alex?
That's what America could look like one year from now if Democrats take the majority. Don't wait a year find out how Democrats have weakened America - after it's too late. Get a sneak peak at what the news would be like in September 2007 - based on the Democrats' actual record - with America Weakly, the newspaper of record for the Democrat majority.

The link above is a tracking link. For those who don't want to click it or this direct one, I'll post some excerpts below the fold (worth reading). The letter continues
It doesn't take a wild leap of the imagination to figure out what government by the far-left would look like. The Democrats are already bragging about "killing" the Patriot Act, openly discussing impeachment, and at every turn they fight to undercut the tools we need to win the War on Terror. If they're this extreme now, imagine how extreme they'd be if they had total power in Congress? Find out with America Weakly. [emphasis mine]

Clearly, this person has better information than I do; I haven't heard anything of the sort. Have the left-wing blogs all missed this as well?
Visit the site. Send a link to all your friends and neighbors. And let's make it so the real headlines a year from now look nothing like America Weakly.

I'll do one better than that, my friend; I'll both forward your e-mail and post it on a blog where others can access it. But how can I trust your information?

Ken Mehlman
Chairman, Republican National Committee

(excerpts below the fold)

Article excerpts:
The American people spoke last November, and they said they don’t want justices whose radical interpretation of the Constitution doesn't include so many of the new rights that judges have recognized over the years,” Neas said. “If we have to leave that seat empty until we elect a Democrat President, that’s exactly what we'll do.”

Yesterday...the eyes of the nation were on Chairman Conyers as – at precisely 9:00 a.m. – he gaveled into session the first formal House Judiciary Committee hearing into impeachment proceedings for President George W. Bush.

Chairman Conyers started the proceedings by calling them “long overdue” and pledging to hold President Bush accountable for “wrongdoing unlike any we have seen in the history of our nation.”

Fresh back from their August recess, Democrat majorities on Capitol Hill yesterday followed through on one of their major election year promises: passing legislation to roll back President Bush’s tax cuts....

“We need this money to pay for all sorts of vital national interests,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at a press conference immediately after the Senate passed the bill. “We in Washington have a responsibility to take care of the American people, and after six years, we are finally making sure that we have the resources to live up to that responsibility.”

For example, the Democrats zeroed out any money for the President’s missile defense program.

“The ability to shoot down missiles launched from South Korea* is clearly provocative,” House International Relations Committee Chairman Tom Lantos said. “If developing a system to shoot down those missiles is provoking them, then we shouldn't do so. Diplomacy is the answer.”

The once-feared NSA Surveillance Program has been disbanded as well, after its funding was cut to zero.

“This program was a clear violation of due process,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers said. “I don’t care how many attacks it might have stopped. Even if there really are sleeper cells in this country, we have a careful and deliberate process to stop them. Yes, it might take a bit longer, and we might not get every single bit of information, but that’s a small price to pay.”

The President’s veto is also ineffective against matters in which the Congress has the prerogative, like reauthorizing the PATRIOT Act.

“It'll never even come up,” one House leadership source said. “The Patriot Act is dead.”

*Yes, they do say South Korea.


It's remarkable that there's a corner of the PR world in which "Chairman Conyers" is a modifier that turns "wrongdoing unlike any we have seen in the history of our nation" into satire.

Perhaps the RNC and ABC are seeking the same counsel.
Yes, they do say South Korea.

When you go big, go big, I guess.
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