Friday, September 22, 2006

Où sont les Safewords (or Democrats) d'antan?

by Ken Houghton

As usual, Digby sums it up:
[The Administration is] serious about confronting Iran or legalizing torture. It's all part of the same game. I think they've proven they like exercising power in all the ways that that implies.

Where are the safewords? I don't hear them from Schumer or Obama (the largest popular vote-margins of 2004, a.k.a. Two Safe Seats).

There are many Democratic vets (Kerry, Inouye, etc.) who are also in Safe Seats, and who should be making their voices heard.

Where is Obama's invocation of Faith? Where is Schumer defending the American values of Truth and Justice, which used to be troikaed with "The American Way"?

Oh, f*ck*t*ll, it's two days later, and Pierce just said it all, more rationally. But I still think my S&M "subtext" is incredibly appropriate: the Democrats are consensual Bottoms, and a bunch of Tops now have no reason to worry about the "consensual" part.

Title reference. (Heller's source is here.)
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