Saturday, November 04, 2006

Just to go on the public record...

by Ken Houghton

I may be the only person outside of the Oval Office who doesn't think the Democrats will take either house of Congress on Tuesday. But that may just be optimism about avoiding what will be a great horror.

After all, we have been through the Republican Repudiation before. In 1998. The Experience of a lame-duck Republican Congress should be remembered.

It was a bitter, nasty month, climaxing with the "impeachment" of the president by a Congress whose explicit plan to impeach had been explicitly repudiated by the voters.

What's the "wish list" for this Congress? Permanent extension of the tax cuts? Permanent repeal of the Estate Tax? As most of the blogsphere knows, neither of those is likely to be permanent, though the distribution of the new taxes is likely to be as unbalanced as the effort.

If I'm betting, exempting the accounting profession from being a profession will be a priority.

The question is social issues. For the Congress that already believes the First and Fourth Amendments, and the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the United States Constitution don't exist to be followed, how much can be accomplished during the lame-duck session?

Your guess is as good, or better, than mine. Suggestions welcome in comments.
Dunno -- I'll take my chances with the one month of assh*lism (when, if they're faced with coming into power, the Senate Democrats might even usefully throw a spanner in the works) vs. two years and one month's worth.
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