Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Skipping Chinese and a Movie This Year

by Ken Houghton

Wife has decided to make reservations with Da Mouse. (Valerie may have had some influence on this decision.)

So I'm going to leave the heavy lifting to Kim for the duration, which probably means until Tom posts "We gave them alcohol, they gave us tobacco, let's celebrate" Day pictures of the kids.

Selected notes:
  1. The Prestige is a marvelous film, faithful to the book, and should be seen in the theatre.

  2. Checked out this recording of Bill Bolcom and Arnold Weinstein's cabaret songs. The liner notes make it look as if Arnold doesn't exist—to the point of discussing the lyrics as if they were Bolcom's. The playwright who wrote Red Eye of Love deserves better.

  3. With the family already gone, I saw some of Studio 60 in real-time for the first time this year. (Switched between it and the Giants game, trying to figure out which was more of a disaster.) Mannion's live-blogging may be getting lazy (though this week's post-mortem is good), but it's not really possible to blame him for trying to play baccarat with a poker hand.

  4. Joss Whedon to Rob Thomas: "You couldn't figure out what to do with her once she got out of high school, either, I see. Too bad."

Hasta la vista! Don't forget to write!
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