Monday, December 25, 2006

And In Our World of Plenty......

by Ken Houghton

We're not poor by any stretch, but the last month especially has reminded us how much friends and neighbors help. (I want also to note the help we've received from members of Mothers & More, who provided multiple meals and support. A great support organization for women managing a career and a family.)

So, in honor of having made it to the 25th of December, a selection of charities to celebrate that Orthodox kid:

we can spread a smile of joy:

FINCA International

Throw your arms around the world/ at Xmastime.


But say a prayer

Vietnam Veterans of America

Pray for the other ones

The American Friends Services Committee

...There's a world outside you window

Community Foodbank of New Jersey (or pick your own local equivalent)

And it's a world of dread and fear

Heifer International

Where the only water flowing

WaterAid (US Site)

is the bitter sting of tears

American University of Beirut

And the Christmas bells that ring there/ are the clanging chimes of doom

Catholic Relief Services

Well tonight Thank G-d it's them/ instead of you!

City Harvest or your local equivalent

Feed the world

Oxfam America (or Oxfam International)

And, for Studio 60 fans (see snark at 10:56), via Bitch (who also has other suggestions at the link):

New Orleans Musicians Hurricane Relief Fund - ReNew Orleans - Do You Know What It Means?
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