Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How Dry I Am? NOT

by Ken Houghton

Without Alcoholics Anonymous, I (Ken) haven't had a drink in over three months. I didn't consider this a blogworthy accomplishment—it's the longest period of my adult life, yes, but not inherently worth celebrating—until I saw this CNN piece:
Lindsay Lohan says she's been going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for a year, but hasn't talked about it because "it's no one's business."

So far, so good.
"I just left an AA meeting," the 20-year-old actress tells People magazine in a story posted Tuesday on its Web site. [emphasis mine]

Hmmm. Anyone else noticing a problem here for the Disney-star-as-role-model machine?

But anyway, a year of AA should be doing wonders for her, no?
"I haven't had a drink in seven days. Or anything," she says.

Okay, so she's been going to AA for a year and she hasn't had a drink "or anything" in a week. They should make her their poster child, perhaps.
"I'm not even legal to, so why would I? I don't drink when I go to clubs. I drink with my friends at home, but there's no need to.

At least not for the last week. But it's nice to see that she points out that her drinking has been, among other deleterious things, illegal.
I feel better not drinking. It's more fun. I have Red Bull."

Well, I see the "Bull" part.

I wish Ms. Lohan all the best in her endeavors to stop drinking "or anything." But I can't say the piece speaks well of her, or inspires me to believe in Alcoholics Anonymous.

And if I can't be positive about it, what about the people who need to stop?
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