Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What Tom Said

by Ken Houghton

UPDATE: The Edwards campaign does the right thing, making clear the difference between the personal and the professional, and making clear that the deliberate misinterpretations are precisely that. The Right has consistently referred to this as the type of "Sister Souljah moment" they so desperately want in a candidate. I'm not holding my breath waiting for their groundswell of support for Edwards.


Sadly, I had believed that, having weathered all of the "jacuzzi case" bullshit in 2004, Edwards would be ready this time. (In fact, one of my reasons for supporting him in 2004 was that, having lived and working in NC for part of 2002-2003, I heard about the Senator and the case from the locals—all of whom spoke admiringly of him for having done the Right Thing.)

I have spoken fondly of Edwards, often touting him as the ideal Democratic candidate in comments at Melissa's blog. One of the reasons for this is that he knows (should know) what will be thrown at him. He lived through the "Swift Boat" Swiftboating. He saw disembowment turned into jacuzzi. He saw Obama turned into Osama. He has seen the coverage of his campaign.

We thought he was experienced. It is starting to appear that we were wrong.

Is it really going to be true that Hillary is the only who can face the onslaught? Or is Chuck Hagel the only one who knows that it will be a Republican winner again in 2008, and that that person will have to deal with the mess of the past eight years, making George H.W. Bush's following of Ronald Reagan seem a cakewalk by comparison?

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No word on any of my RSS feeds. Maybe they're trying the let-it-blow-over approach that Kevin Drum (wisely) counseled. But the lack of a strong response is troubling, since it does seem to take extremely firm push-back to get "MSM" off of fake stories like this.
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