Tuesday, April 10, 2007

When Zombie Robots Attack!

by Tom Bozzo

Has anyone else noticed that some of their RSS feeds (possibly including this site's feed, but also observed by me w/r/t such blogs as Angry Bear, Alicublog, and LGM) have been failing to properly update over the last few days? The problem seems to disproportionately affect Blogspot blogs, which is normally a clue, but it could also be a manifestation of a periodic glitch whereby the otherwise highly useful NetNewsWire does stuff like periodically forgetting the sort order for certain subscriptions.

Handing over blog-article fetching to a cyberdog has helped me pretend to keep track of far more blogs than traditional web-surfing would allow, but the downside is the tech going awry while my attention is directed elsewhere. Or should I just be contracting this net-related function out to the Googleborg, too?

Update: Seems to be a NewsGator problem being passed on through the intertubes to NetNewsWire, possibly exacerbated by Bloggering of the feeds — normally non-fatal feed errors are messing with the updates for some reason.

More Update: Problem solved. An upshot is that I've spread my list of RSS feeds a bit more broadly over the feed-reading universe, though Mac-using friends may note that NetNewsWire remains my preferred RSS reader.

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Googleborg was doing fine for those, true enough.

I wasn't going to recommend conversion, but Google over a Gator product? Any day!
This problem has been resolved by our Platform team. Our parser was not handling atom feeds the way it should have been.

If you see any further instances of a feed not updating please email support@newsgator.com.
Keith, thanks for leaving the comment. I'd noticed that someone else had reported the issue in your forums.
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