Thursday, June 21, 2007

Girls of Summer

by Unknown

In honor of the impending All Star break, here's a test of your knowledge of baseball. All of the answers could, of course, be googled, but that's between you and your conscience:

1) How many years did women play professional baseball in the US?
a) 5-10 years
b) 60-65 years
c) 80-85 years
d) don't be ridiculous, women are too weak to play professional baseball

2) Who was the first woman to play baseball under a contract in the men's minor leagues?
a) Lizzie Arlington
b) Jackie Mitchell
c) Toni Stone
d) Kim Braatz-Voisard
e) don't be ridiculous, women can't compete against men at that level

3) Which female pitcher struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gherig, back-to-back, in an exhibition game in her rookie year?
a) Jackie Mitchell
b) Edith Houghton
c) Rose Gacioch
d) don't be ridiculous, women are too weak to pitch against men

4) In which decade was a woman first paid to umpire a pro or semi-pro baseball game?
a) 1870s
b) 1900s
c) 1970s
d) don't be ridiculous, women can't make decisions fast enough to be umpires

5) In what year did a male player argue that women shouldn't be in baseball because God created women to be feminine and submissive to men.
a) 1888
b) 1918
c) 1948
d) 1988
e) all of the above

6) Who replaced Hank Aaron at second base for the Indianapolis Clowns?
a) Rose Gacioch
b) Toni Stone
c) Sophie Kurys
d) Connie Morgan

7) Who holds the record for the most stolen bases in a season in professional ball?
a) Lou Brock
b) Ricky Henderson
c) Sophie Kurys
d) Toni Stone

8) Who was the first person to play on All-Star teams for both the AL and the NL and in the Negro League?
a) Lizzie Murphy
b) Jackie Robinson
c) Hank Thompson
d) Frank Robinson

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2 and 3 are both "A," but since Great-Aunt Edith was playing professionally in 1925, and she was not the first, I can't find a legitimate answer to the first question, unless we assume women are no longer playing professional baseball.
Let's see; I'm a pretty solid authority on questions such as these, so here goes (and I didn't google a single one!)
1. Women played pro ball for the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, mythologized so wonderfully in "A League of Their Own," during the war years (that's World War II,) so the answer must be (a)five to ten years.
2. A shot in the dark, because the name rings a bell, but I think it's (c) Toni Stone.
3. Jackie Mitchell (b) struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.
4. Amanda Clement was a respected arbiter out in the midwest in the late eighteen hundreds, so the correct answer is (a) 1870s.
5. Bob Knepper, a pitcher for the Houston Astros, revealed himself for the ignorant jerk he was (and perhaps still is) by making those comments about umpire Pam Postema in 1988, so the correct answer is (d) 1988. But truthfully (and mournfully,) I suspect that (e), all of the above, would be just as accurate an answer.
6. Okay, again because the name rings a distant bell, I'm guessing Toni Stone (b) replaced Henry Aaron at second base for the Indianapolis Clowns.
7. Basing my answer purely upon the nature and thrust, shall we say, of this quiz, my answer is Sophie Kurys (c), only because I've already guessed Toni Stone twice.
8. I think you're trying to be tricky and clever here, so I'm making an educated guess and saying Hank Thompson (c).
It will be very interesting and illuminating to find out how many I got right. Thanks for the challenge!
I stand corrected (by myself.) After further contemplation, I remembered the Silver Bullets, who played pro ball sometime within the last ten years, also qualify as having played professionally, and I believe there must be other lesser known leagues and teams, so I'm changing my answer to question # 1 to (c), 80 to 85 years.
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