Thursday, June 28, 2007

Programming Note: The Man Comes Around

by Ken Houghton

"Nothing is forgotten/Or Forgiven/When It's Your Last Time around."

I volunteered to take one for the team, but Lance is stepping up to the plate himself—his only live appearance during the Burnoff Episodes of Studio 60.*

That in itself should make it worth being there at 10:00pm Eastern. The other questions:
  1. Will Joshua Molina make an appearance, or will his Every-Sorkin-Show-Ever-Recorded** streak end with a whimper?
  2. Will The Boss really be the Special Musical Guest?
  3. Will Lance work in any references to Meadowlands*** (the series, not to be confused with the last place I saw The Boss)?
  4. Will Pen-Elayne hold true to her Nevermore vow?
  5. Will my DVR again refuse to record the episode?
  6. Now that Gigi has been "Cruised"**** herself, will Hour 932 of The Starter Wife beat S60 in the ratings?

These, and other questions, Tonight at Mannion's Place. Be there.

*My wife thinks she saw in EW that the show has been renewed. Fortunately, this rumour is unconfirmed.

**Robert Klein reference.

***"My pl*ms, y**r g*ms" doesn't seem likely to be Matt/Harriet dialog. Whether this means anything is left as an exercise.

****One of the best lines in the book, but curiously (yeah, right) left out of the adaptation so far, which has lasted several months and may have gotten to Page 60.

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Well, I was SORT of true to my vow. I didn't actually live-blog, but I had fun in the comments section. We should take our act on the road. :) By the way, I've put you on my blogroll now.
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