Thursday, July 12, 2007

IFAQ, part 2: eight possible things before breakfast

by Ken Houghton

UPDATE: Erin comes through with flying colors.

Continuing Tom's post below, mainly because I need to finish the tagging:
  1. I made my "television debut" (one of those kid shows, as a birthdayer/audience member) in 1967. Except for a brief appearance on The David Susskind Show ca. 1980 (non-speaking), I have managed never to do it again.
  2. When Shira and I visited Israel in 1999, we stayed at the Park Hotel in Netanya. That hotel is the one that was attacked at Passover, 2002. What the American press appears not to have mentioned is that it was primarily a French hotel (French staff, French visitors, etc.). Why they would leave that out in early 2002, I don't know.
  3. A high school teacher who lived down the road asked why I wasn't going to one of the military academies on graduation. At the time, I weighed about 107 pounds.
  4. I first left North America in, I believe, 1988.
  5. I first went below the Mason-Dixon line (not counting Washington D.C. as a tourist, or for weddings) when I started my MBA at UGA in 2000.
  6. Except for diving trips and a Thanksgiving in Montreal, I have never traveled anywhere outside of the U.S. except to the United Kingdom and the above-referenced trip to Israel.
  7. I am from a long line of ancestral Republicans, and wish the party still existed.
  8. I know several really brilliant women, but very few of them blog. (There may be a connection there.)

Tags: Ms. Mochi-tsuki (who is as brilliant as her father), al zorra (who is as brilliant as her husband), and Susan (who is brilliant).

And President-to-be Erin, of whose brilliance I shouldn't have to convince anyone who reads here regularly.

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Hi baby.
And can you elaborate on #8?
Gosh! Thank you for the compliment! (Especially since I haven't been feeling particularly brilliant lately!)

Eight random things? Isn't it all random?
#8 looks like fightin' words to me. Maybe it's in the specific usage of "know"?
Wow! What a compliment, which is much appreciated.

We just got back to the U.S. from France -- the Department of Guadaloupe, in the Caribbean.

Love, al_zorra a/k/a constance a/k/a here as Foxessa, I guess.
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