Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First Days of School

by Tom Bozzo

Today is the first day with both kids in preschool at the same time. John started yesterday, and with the big 0-5 coming up, is apparently Big Man in Lunch Bunch:
John, First Day of School

Julia's eagerness to get to school this morning outstripped the shutter speed (thanks in part to pre-rain overcast):
Julia,First Day of School
The first day's drop-off reportedly went without a hitch, which is not a given for the toddler class. Good job, sweet pea!

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Q starts kindergarten next week. I think we're just as excited as he is. I must admit that the extra grand a month we'll see in our after-expenses income doesn't dampen our enthusiasm any.
Say congrats to Q from his virtual TtFTE-nut pals.

I hear you on the additional reason for enthusiasm. The kids' school is great, nurturing, and very convenient (a block from the house), but I occasionally want to breathe into a paper bag when contemplating the tuition payments.
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