Saturday, August 18, 2007

If Only I'd Heeded the Warning

by Tom Bozzo


Believe it or not, it's been three years since I staked this cyber-territory.

In line with my situational Luddism, I had regarded the nascent phenomenon of "Web logging" with suspicion, considering the extent to which the medium fosters one-handed typing of all sorts. (That is not totally irrational.) Then John arrived, and I found myself with long nighttime hours of post-nursing baby-settling time to kill. Since that reason for the loss of one typing hand was not conducive to the pastime, I started blogging just about 21 months later. The sleep deprivation-induced memory loss makes the interval seem a lot shorter than it sounds!

In the gestation period, my increasing blog-surfing convinced me for some reason that what the world needed was an economics version of Jeremy Freese's Weblog. (Remember, sleep deprivation! [*]) Then I spent some time contemplating whether to host the blog on the fee-based Typepad or the free-as-in-beer Blogger service. In the end, I figured the latter would be easier to explain to Suzanne, despite some unease from depending on a service with an inscrutable revenue model. In the end, that model was "sell out to Google," which has worked well enough for us. The rest of the secret to comparative blog longevity is avoiding the temptation to delete the blog in a funk or to hide from the occasional correspondent who wants to pray for the author's obviously damned soul. Regarding the former, I am grateful to Drek, Ken, and Kim for their contributions.

Jeremy recently located one of those Perfect Quotes from Robert Frank's Falling Behind:
The ultimate scarce resource in life is the willingness of other people to pay attention to us.
Thanks to all of you who spend your scarce time here. Meanwhile, enjoy some virtual pie bites!

Mmmm, pie bites

[*] Any failings of this blog are, of course, my own.

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Happy blogiversary, Tom!
Happy blogiversary! I'm proud to have provided part of the inspiration for you starting this!
happy blog anniversary! (I never could get into the blog-speak, but an anniversary -- now that's worth toasting!)
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