Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another QOTD

by Tom Bozzo

Paul Soglin:
We won the Cold War. And to show for it, we now all fly Aeroflot.
Though really, pretending to work for pretend pay isn't exactly the problem (as Soglin does correctly note after the laugh line). Rather, the 2007 flying experience represents the sort of paradise that we can expect from "lean" service production!

Related in the W$J: Cranky Skies: Fliers Behave Badly Again as 9/11 Era Fades. This piece features deep burial of the lede, since unless the latent assholishness of the flying public has worsened, considerable blame must accrue to the deterioration of U.S. airline service at the hands of chiseling management. I have more than a little sympathy for the airline employees working (with various degrees of competence) in customer service roles, since many of them are working under terms which, but for the alternative of not working, would encourage many people to pick up torches and pitchforks and to go marching on HQ.


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