Friday, October 26, 2007

"She doesn't think so, but she's dressed for the H-bomb"

by Tom Bozzo

The week's excitement has put me in the unusual positions of not only driving my car but schlepping Julia around in it. Opportunity to indoctrinate child to avoid "High School Musical" noted! The current playlist...

1. The Fall, Cruisers Creek, This Nation's Saving Grace (iTMS, eMusic)
2. The Jazz Butcher, Looking For Lot 49, Fishcotheque
3. Wire, Too Late, Chairs Missing
4. Naked Raygun, Home of the Brave, All Rise (iTMS, eMusic)
5. Gang of Four, I Found That Essence Rare, Entertainment! (iTMS)
6. Modern English, After the Snow, After the Snow (iTMS, eMusic)
7. Love and Rockets, All in My Mind, Express (iTMS, eMusic)
8. Matthew Sweet, Girlfriend, Girlfriend (iTMS)
9. The Family Cat, Goldenbook, Magic Happens
10. Blur, There's No Other Way, Leisure (iTMS)
11. Echo & the Bunnymen, Never Stop, Porcupine (iTMS)
12. Mojave 3, Ghost Ship Waiting, Puzzles Like You (iTMS, eMusic)

While the LDSEI [*] for the list is a low 0.25 for my mellow (early?) middle age, it's interesting that two of the three tracks in that quarter were major label releases. EMI released Wire's first three albums in the UK, and the Family Cat album was released on Arista in the U.S. If I can d/l the Higsons' "Attack of the Cannibal Zombie Businessmen," I can only assume there's some rights nightmare going on.

[*] Legal Download Service Esoterica Index.

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I approved of any attempt to resist HSM, but remind you that Disney appears to have reacquired, for that franchise, a Borg-like quality.
One of the cousins has been assimilated, so consider this precautionary rotation of the shield and phaser frequencies.
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