Wednesday, November 07, 2007

For the Gang at EOB: Writing AND Zombies

by Ken Houghton

Since I can't send anyone Erin-way today (this being a family blog, at least for Tom), Joss Wheedon Explains It All to You:
And as work? Well, in the first place, it IS fun. When it’s going well, it’s the most fun I can imagine having. (Tim Minear might dispute that.) And when it’s not going well, it’s often not going well in the company of a bunch of funny, thoughtful people. So how is that work? You got no muscles to show for it (yes, the brain is a muscle, but if you show it to people it’s usually because part of your skull has been torn off and that doesn’t impress the ladies – unless the ladies are ZOMBIES! Where did this paragraph go?) Writing is enjoyable and ephemeral. And it’s hard work.

Go Read the Whole Thing. And then go see Dan in Real Life, because Steve Carell really does remember where he came from.

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Don't be mad at me! I can't help myself.
Erin, I couldn't be mad at you, at least not unless I should learn that my kids were not made according to the prevailing scientific theory and were, in fact, delivered by storks.
ignatov, the other is that Boylan is a corrupt partisan hack (PR) in a corrupt, partisan Army command. He shot off a sh*theaded e-mail. It's not like Republicans haven't been acting like d*ckheads for years now, and getting away with it.

- Barry
I think that last comment belongs in the Greenwald-Boylan thread; I placed a copy there.
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