Friday, November 23, 2007

It's That Time of Year

by Tom Bozzo

Friends of Marginal Utility who would like to receive a piece of mail that isn't trying to sell you something or otherwise demanding money, send a mailing address to my gmail account linked in the sidebar and you will receive the Lee-Bozzo Holiday Card, this year featuring the whole lot of us! (If you've received the card in the past, you'll get one again unless you indicate otherwise; address corrections are appreciated, esp. those of y'all who've relocated to other countries.)

Not the Holiday Photo

In contrast to the picture above, the Real Thing should feature us all looking at the camera and not sticking out our tongues.

If you want to send pictures of yourself (or -selves) and/or Adorable Offspring, Creatures, etc., send me an e-mail or see the Facebook profile for our postal address.


Ms. Lee should be complimented for her cute scarf.
Hey John - nice shirt!! It was good to see you last week!
Aw... but tongues are so cute!

Email with current address coming.

I felt homesick over T-day, and imagine that it won't be much better on X-mas. However, a Lee-Bozzo Holiday Card with Adorable Offspring and Adults will certainly brighten my holidays!

All my best to you and your family, Tom, and all the wonderful writers at Marginal Utility.
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