Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bob Cesca can Kiss My ProgLib Bum

by Ken Houghton

UPDATED BELOW, 2 Feb 2008, ca. 6:22pm CST.

He doesn't mean his title, and spreading lies and kneecapping your future is a good way to get me to vote for Crazy John.

(via Dr. Black)

Reg at Beautiful Horizons, on the other hand, believes Jon Chait:
Paul Krugman - Op-Ed Columnist - New York Times Blog

In recent years, "bipartisanship" and "national unity" have usually meant meeting the GOP halfway, regardless of how far right it veers, with agreement an end in itself.

But this is not Obama's meaning of national unity. Substantively, he has not embraced many conservative ideas. And he has explicitly repudiated the notion that unity is an end in and of itself--the purpose is to bring in non-Democrats to enact liberal goals. "If you know who you are, if you know what you believe in, if you know what you are fighting for," Obama says, "then you can afford to listen to folks who don't agree with you, you can afford to reach across the aisle every once in a while."

UDATE: Paul Krugman notes, to no one's great surprise, that Chait is an idiot. Even the Sainted Battlepanda is horrified, though it appears she may hold her nose and still send in an absentee ballot for the ObamaNation, whose plan as presented raised average costs by about $1,700 per person per year without providing an iota of additional utility* (unless you're Tyler Cowen [h/t DeLong]).

*I have a copy of the Gruber paper. More on it maybe next week. E-mail if you need a copy.

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