Friday, January 04, 2008

Minor Mysteries of the I-90/94 Corridor

by Tom Bozzo

Why are there so many fireworks stores in the middle of nowhere? How do they stay in business (that is, their parking lots appear to be plowed despite the absence of customers)?

Apart from pesky dangerous-product-retailing considerations, the pattern of demand — one big week followed by just enough business to keep the Brat and Punk divisions of police departments from Lake Windsor to Menominee occupied — would seem to make the optimal fireworks-selling arrangement a mall kiosk or transactions out of the back of a fly-by-night trailer. Granted, these businesses aren't located in high-cost areas of the state, but there is such a thing as opportunity cost; the adult novelties stores among others appear to be doing brisk businesses.

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At least one adult novelties store in Iowa was absolutely booming yesterday.

Oh, wait - that was Giuliani campaign headquarters...
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