Friday, March 28, 2008

It's De-Lurking Day!

by Tom Bozzo

The commenter on this post wondered if I was fishing for early "happy birthday" messages at the time; I was not. Today's the big day — yes, folks, I'm now 40 — and that's still not what I'm fishing for. Rather, I'd like to hear a little about you, the Marginal Utility reader who's loyal enough to be reading this post. So please click on that comment link and say hello. Thanks in advance!

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And happy birthday!
Hello. There's way more info about me at Angry Bear than is healthy.

Happy B-day.
Happy B-day! Not sure I count as a lurker, but here I am anyhow...
Happy Birthday, Yute.
Happy birthday and good luck with your forties! It's a great decade, at least it was for me. I'm a recent semi-retiree, female, age 59, living in Madison. And that's about as much de-lurking as I can manage right now. I do enjoy the blog and thank you for letting us read.

Happy birthday!!!
Happy b-day (again!)
Happy Birthday! I lurk via feed reader for your economic posts.
Happy birthday, Tom!
Thanks, everyone!
Happy Birthday Tom,
My 40th has been my best year yet. I hope that yours is for you as well.
Better late than still lurking. I'm sure you had a happy birthday with two young kids who adore you and a young wife who still mostly puts up with you.

And you still look like a kid to me.

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