Friday, April 18, 2008

Multiplication of Entities

by Tom Bozzo

That Obama's "bitter" remark is substantively wrong has evidently reached a height of liberal-opinion fashion. [*] I even agree that the partisan shift of the former Confederacy explains much of the Republican ascendancy. But would someone please then explain to me the ascendancy of God, guns, and gays politics? What do Karl Rove and minions not know that they think they know? Or, if it's just a new encoding of the "southern strategy"'s appeal to southern racism, why is it needed (or more effective)?

[*] I'd say "the," but Krugman's pronouncements are not so infallible when he's on the Clinton-v.-Obama beat.

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He's correct on the specific point here (especially the Clinton-Bush difference, which revitalized several areas of Pennsylvania).

The areas Obama was talking about, though, have been bitter for decades; they were Rogered in the Reagan days, and have been walking dead ever since—even during the Clinton years.
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