Thursday, May 08, 2008

C-Net Inbox to be filled with remembrances of Agnew this week

by Ken Houghton

The short list of "challenges" I won't send in response to this query, even with its opening:
Today, I'm not here to create another discussion topic dealing with how Vista sucks or how peripherals aren't working because they don't have drivers for Vista, or how I want to revert to XP again, and so forth. [T]his week's topic stems from a forum discussion created by CNET member chustar, who wants to know if there are any folks out there who are part of a silent, Vista-loving majority and would like to express their enthusiasm for it. He has used Vista for close to a year without any problems and simply loves it. I'm sure he's heard enough of the bashes on Vista and would like to take this opportunity to hear from the people who actually are using Vista and, quite frankly, like it or love it

Realizing that not having anything to publish next week would be embarassing, Koo adds:
Now remember, folks this discussion is, for the most part, based on the positive experiences around using Vista, but not just limited to that. So I ask that you please be civil in your replies and be considerate of others when posting.

So here would have been my list of positive things about Vista:
  1. It has given me a new appreciation of Linux systems
  2. It has confirmed that Bill Gates and/or Steve Ballmer really were good at finding products for MSFT, since the results since they moved to being upper management have been a monopolistic version of the Peter Principle
  3. It has given me a new appreciation of those cute little Apple computers.
  4. It has proved that the OEMs are still dumb enough to believe anything they are told by MSFT. (Releasing Vista OSes on a machine that can handle a maximum of two MB of RAM should, in itself, put several firms out of business.)
  5. It has given me a greater appreciation of Unix systems
  6. It has reminded users who had forgotten with the NT4.0-XP that MSFT systems require Constant Vigilance.
  7. It has given me a greater appreciation of XP
  8. It has demonstrated that Judge T. P. Jackson was correct, and that the Fourth Circuit and the Bush Justice Department are not working in the best interest of the long-run survival and growth of United States corporations.
  9. I has given me a greater appreciation of Sun systems
  10. It has returned us to the Good Old Days where you could make a cup of coffee, have a conversation with your family, and catch up on your reading—and that's just waiting for it to boot up.
  11. It has given me a greater appreciation of OpenOffice 2.0 and GoogleDocs, since the money spent on that 2 Meg of RAM (see point 4 above) would otherwise have gone to buying MS-Office.

Feel free to add to or correct this list in comments.

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We've got a new box running Vista here at work. It's Windows, so it's weird and unlike the familiar unix systems, and doesn't come with an X server, and you have to hunt around to download all the normal basic utilities that come with a Linux distribution as a matter of course, and there were endless popup ads for crap when we first fired it up, (it was like going to a spammers website or something, and we *paid* for this!) but, you know, it works as well as Windows ever has. I don't know what all the anti-Vista anger is about, really. Probably helps that it's a brand-new computer, 3GB RAM, quad-core processor, Vista pre-installed. I didn't already have some perfectly tuned-up XP system with lots of special software on it that won't run on Vista, or anything like that. I'm sure that helps.
From what I gather, dog-like performance on older hardware was a big gripe, and there were/are some 'ecosystem' issues with n/a drivers, etc. (In partial contrast, my XP installation is running very happily in a VM on a fraction of one core of a 2GHz Core [1] Duo while I write this under OS X.)
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