Wednesday, October 01, 2008

One Heartbeat Away, My Friends.

by Tom Bozzo


Via Americablog.

By the way, having been a Delawarean second-grader during Joe Biden's first term, Palin's "second grade" line is one of the more bizarre political attacks by way of blatant lie in a season of increasingly bizarre political attacks by way of blatant lies. (Not to mention other things Palin doesn't know can come across as blatant lies, like not knowing that there's more to the print media than the Anchorage Daily News, a unitary Liberal Media Establishment, and Moose Hunter's Quarterly.) For better or worse, the Delawarean blatherer Palin would have been much more likely to have heard of as a curious grade-schooler would be one William V. "Bill" Roth, Jr., now a patron saint of the supply-side tax-cutting movement.

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