Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Moral of This Post Is...

by Tom Bozzo

Sometimes things remind us just what our internet time-wasters are for.

For example, over on Facebook, where many of my formerly blogging friends are busy not blogging, Xtin (who promises to restart the estimable but intermittently-maintained Xtinpore soon) proposes:
terafuckit (n): Proposed SI unit for not giving a shit equal to one trillion "fuck it"s.
As of this writing:

(click to embiggen)

The only problem, such as it is, with going straight for the terafuckit is that it deprives us of the ability to reminisce about the good old days when megafuckits and gigafuckits represented astonishing levels of not giving a shit.

Xtin's neologism just about perfectly captures the reasons for the relative silence of this blog over the last few months. So it's late 2000 and you're pulling up your Gore/Lieberman yard sign, thinking, "Hey, at least with this asshole Republican in office, I'll be crying my way to the bank," and the next thing you know, neoliberal financial capitalism is a smoking ruin! That tends to make ordinarily bloggable matters, say, the courtesy of SUV drivers towards urban cyclists, measurable in only in mega- if not gigafuckits unless serious bodily harm is involved; hence rather than expending the effort to express righteous indignation on the Internets, one instead builds LEGO Star Wars spaceships with one's kids.

(The fuckit, I assume, is like the util in mainstream economics and not interpersonally comparable, so don't worry if you don't agree that initiating a nuclear war in Civilization IV to be a terafuckit-scale activity — or maybe a hundred gigafuckits before building SDI.)

In the morning, I may wish that I'd posted this to the already-R-rated Total Drek, but well...

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