Friday, September 14, 2007

Eye-Catching Headlines from the Wall Street Journal

by Unknown

"How to Improve Your Child's Credit Rating."

Because, you know, the subprime lending problem wouldn't be so bad if more 5-year olds were qualified for no-money-down mortgages.

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Also in today's Weekend Journal: "Small Collectors: Encouraged by wealthy, art-loving parents, children are collecting Warhols and even Rembrandts. Kelly Crow on their kid-centered tastes, 'art allowances' and why auction paddles aren't toys."
...K, deeper in the story, it says that a $5,000/piece allowance is "typical" for these sorts of kids.

I don't think our entire collection prices out to more than $5,000 -- and I'd guess the median art collection is valued at $0. Widening gap between rich and super-rich threatens American dream, as the Onion guys say...
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