Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Proof Bud Selig is an Idiot

by Ken Houghton

As if any more were needed.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Finally, an Obama bumper sticker I can support

by Ken Houghton

Via Bitch (whose site really needs an RSS feed), an Obama bumper sticker that is realistic and positive.

Buy it here; contributions go to Tom's favorite candidate.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Angelica Sings!

by Ken Houghton

For those unfamiliar with Battlepanda, here's an atypical introduction.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

All You Zombies...

by Ken Houghton

They are heavily discussed at EoB. (Most recently here.) Now, Zombies have made it into The Economists' [sic] Voice:
The problem with this assumption is that there is a significant amount of spam that is currently being sent via "zombie" computers...Should the owners of these zombie bots then be made liable for their contribution to the worldwide spam problem?

Sounds like a good idea. But YOU may be (running) a Zombie:
Perhaps, the responsibility of maintaining a sound firewall lies on the owner of the machine. But, even if we do make the owner legally liable, what good would it do? The subtleties of security technology lie beyond the average user of the Internet.[emphasis mine]

I think I prefer Steve's version.

Lim, Jamus Jerome (2008) "Letter: Zombies May Mean Attention Bonds Will Not Cure Spam," The Economists' Voice: Vol. 5 : Iss. 2, Article 5. Available at:

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Flashing Back to the 1930s

by Ken Houghton

Via Mochi-tsuki, as I gradually return to life between multi-day medical tests.

I got an 8. Surely someone can do better.


As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Defining "uprooted"

by Ken Houghton

It rained and stormed a bit yesterday.

After speaking with my insurance company, I am told the following:

  1. This is considered an "Act of G-d" (clearly, the OT version of same)
  2. Since the damage is almost all on my neighbor's property (their fence, their swing set, their garage), it's not covered under my policy.
  3. Since my policy doesn't cover "land," that big mud puddle that used to have a tree in it is also not covered.
  4. Since it's an AoG, there is no point in filing a "liability claim" to cover damage to my neighbor's property.

We're inclined to believe that my neighbor's insurance company will agree with this assessment.

I suspect many homeowners are about to find out that their insurance policy does not do all that they thought it would.

(Cross-posted from Angry Bear)


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ruining Our Reputation as a Family Blog

by Ken Houghton

Spam e-mail heading that is wrong on so many levels: "Downloadable porno DVD's for free"

My Windows machine certainly doesn't have the capability of downloading DVDs. Maybe it's something to do with that new IPhone 2.0?

By the way, I can now say that a GPS allows you to drive around in a city as if you were a native. Except for those times when it waits until you're two car-lengths from the left turn and in the far right lane, at which point you just have to remember that having New Jersey plates is good for something.

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by Tom Bozzo

This should be no surprise to regular visitors, but my work and non-work activities preclude contributing to more than one blog at a time. So please come on over to Angry Bear if you don't already do so; I'm trying to post more-or-less regularly over there (see here, here, and here for recent offerings).

To combat link-rot, if nothing else, this site isn't going anywhere, and pictures of the kids will occasionally appear on my Flickr page. Have a great summer!


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Making a Non-Issue into a Problem

by Ken Houghton

(The Other Jim[my]) Webb? Nunn?

I've said consistently that the only VP candidate who will cause my absentee ballot to be lost is Sibelius, but I had assumed that the Democratic leadership was sane. (All right, SonOfaBirch could make me lose the ballot, too, but that's because at that point I would assume their goal was to lose as many states as possible.)

When the Republicans had an of-age deserter as their candidate, they paired him with—an of-age evader.

Why would anyone pretend that a younger-than-the-draft candidate needs a 70-year-old former Coast Guard Reservist to shore up his bona fides against a 72-year-old who advocates for perpetual war?

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