Sunday, June 01, 2008

Making a Non-Issue into a Problem

by Ken Houghton

(The Other Jim[my]) Webb? Nunn?

I've said consistently that the only VP candidate who will cause my absentee ballot to be lost is Sibelius, but I had assumed that the Democratic leadership was sane. (All right, SonOfaBirch could make me lose the ballot, too, but that's because at that point I would assume their goal was to lose as many states as possible.)

When the Republicans had an of-age deserter as their candidate, they paired him with—an of-age evader.

Why would anyone pretend that a younger-than-the-draft candidate needs a 70-year-old former Coast Guard Reservist to shore up his bona fides against a 72-year-old who advocates for perpetual war?

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