Friday, August 20, 2004

Why Oh Why Can't We Have A Better Catholic Hierarchy Part LVI? (Fafblog nails it again edition)

by Tom Bozzo

The infamous communion story is already into its second phase as local interest angles start to appear as well as the definitive take from Fafnir of the inimitable Fafblog! (The AP wire story ran below the fold on A1 in this morning's Wisconsin State Journal.)

A version of the story in the Scotsman notes an actual mitigating factor -- the Diocese suggested taking communion as wine alone as an alternative (cf. Canon 925), which was reportedly refused by the girl's mother. Appeals have been made to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Perhaps If Elizabeth Pelly-Waldman succeeds, she might consider appealing the Bush Administration's changes to the "fill rule" for mountaintop removal mining.

Now, IANACL, but I would still suggest that, in the 21st Century, Canon 924 might be better drafted with less strict language than "must" for the form of the bread and wine. Moreover, the Bishop of Trenton might have taken better note (notwithstanding the weaker "is to be" construction) of Canon 899:

ยง3. The eucharistic celebration is to be organized in such a way that all those participating receive from it the many fruits for which Christ the Lord instituted the eucharistic sacrifice.

With apologies to Brad DeLong.

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